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    • 02.02.2012

      Installation of HP Water Mist system at CCR Building 4 floors of Power Pant in Jakarta

    • 27.11.2010

      3S has participated in IGEX 2010 on Nov 3-5, 2010 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEX) introducing new hazard sensing technologies like wireless gas sensors, air heating type line heat detector, etc.  See you at Oil & Gas Indonesia 2011 !

    • 17.7.2010

      PT. IPMOMI is the largest power plant operator in East Java. 3S has just completed the installation of single-interlock pre-action deluge systems for Boiler Feed Pump Tur- bine Unit #7 & #8.


  • Line Heat Detectors

    product overview

    The Protectowire Company, Inc is the originator and worldwide leader in the manufacture of Linear Heat Detectors and Special Hazard Linear Heat Detection Systems. The solutions include complete fire alarm systems for fire detection suitable for a vast array of industrial and commercial applications.



    Protectowire Linear Heat Detectors provides superior coverage. More reliable and lower maintenance cost compared to conventional detectors. Types available for virtually any environment. FM Approved and UL Listed. Identify Alarm Point Location with suitably configured control panels.



    A full line of fire alarm control panels compatible with our linear heat detector and other initiating devices.



    FIBER SYSTEM 4000 Fiber Optic Linear Heat Detection Systems

    The FiberSystem 4000 is a complete linear heat detection system that uses fiber optic sensing technology. The system consists of Type PFS Fiber Optic Sensor Cable and the OTS Series Controllers with related software. The system will provide an exact location of a fire or hot spot anywhere along the sensor’s length. Temperatures are recorded as a continuous profile. When configured using the optional Charon_02 Configuration and Visualization Software, the System is also capable of providing a graphical representation of the fire size, and direction of fire spread.



    Wide ranges of Flame Detector products in the market !

    The SharpEye™ flame detectors state-of-the-art design, combines industry performance requirements and up-to-date electronic microprocessor technology. Available models 40/40U/UB Ultraviolet Detectors, 40/40L/LB UV/IR Dual Spectrum Detectors, 40/40i IR3 Triple Infrared Detector, 40/40R Single IR Optical Flame Detector, 40/40M Multi IR Flame Detector. SIL-2 Certified, Ex approved for Zone 1 Hazardous Areas (ATEX, IECEx, FM, CSA).


    AIR SENSE , STRATOR Aspirating Smoke Detectors

    Using ‘ClassiFire’ Perceptive Artificial Intelligence ensures that the detector operates at optimum sensitivity for the protected environment

    Stratos is recognized as the most sensitive laser-based aspirating system available. Providing reliable, very early warning of incipient fire through ClassiFire®, a patented system of Perceptive Artificial Intelligence (PAI) which continually adjusts the detector sensitivity to maintain a consistent level of performance.


    HEAT DETECTORS, Weather-proof & Explosion-proof

    The 302 Series Heat Detectors operate on the rate anticipation principle, and are de- signed to actuate whenever the ambient temperature reaches pre-set alarm temperature setting. Under rapid heat rise conditions, the rate anticipation feature enables the detector to response one to three degrees ahead of setting. Products are listed to use in hazardous location Class I Group C and D, Class II Group E, F and G.
    Multi Cable Transit
  • Featured Products

       Portable Fire Monitor Flowrate    capacity=1,000 GPM @ 8 bar
       Features = Automatic Sweep,
       sweep rate adjustable

        DETCON Features :

    • - Model RXT-300 self healing mesh network topology
    • - Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non Licensed frequency
    • - Detcon Model 100 low power gas detection sensors
      Smart rechargeable battery packs with integral safety circuit
    • - Built-in charge gauge and low power voltage cutoff

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