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    • 02.02.2012

      Installation of HP Water Mist system at CCR Building 4 floors of Power Pant in Jakarta

    • 27.11.2010

      3S has participated in IGEX 2010 on Nov 3-5, 2010 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEX) introducing new hazard sensing technologies like wireless gas sensors, air heating type line heat detector, etc.  See you at Oil & Gas Indonesia 2011 !

    • 17.7.2010

      PT. IPMOMI is the largest power plant operator in East Java. 3S has just completed the installation of single-interlock pre-action deluge systems for Boiler Feed Pump Tur- bine Unit #7 & #8.


  • Sprinklers & Valves


    The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc. is one of the world’s largest producer of automatic fire sprinkler and sprinkler system control equipments.

    Reliable has undertaken a major expansion of its manufacturing capability with the construction of a new state-of-the-art plant located in Liberty, South Carolina, a short distance from Greenville. This new 300,000 sq ft facility has been fully operational since summer 2006 and is ISO:9001 certified.


    The company is a manufacturer of automatic fire sprinklers, valve and accessory products, and a major distributor of sprinkler system components. Reliable produces both of the industry’s two basic types of sprinklers – the solder type and the frangible bulb – for virtually every type of building applications. Reliable also produces a broad range of valves including alarm, dry deluge, preaction, and check valve that control water flow to sprinkler systems and actuate alarm signaling.

    JL-17 ESFR, K-17 & JL-14 ESFR, K-14, Pendent
    • Early Suppression, Fast Response Sprinkler for the protection of high-piled storage.
    • Levered fusible alloy solder link available with 74 oC or 100 oC temperature rating.
    • High water delivery capacity, JL-17 delivery approximately 450 L / min of water at 50 psi (3.4 bar)

    HL-22 Specific Application ESFR, K-22.4 , Pendent
    • Early suppression, Fast Response Sprinkler for the protection of high piled storage.
    • Eliminates in-rack sprinklers for 15 meter high buildings.

    J168, K-16.8, Upright
    • Control Mode, Density / Area Upright Sprinkler for Extra Hazard and Storage Occupancies per NFPA 13 requirements.
    • Very large orifice for use in high challenge storage occupancies.
    • Can operate at pressure as low as 7 psi.

    N252 EX, K-25, Pendent & Recessed Pendent
    • Can be used as a Control Mode, Density / Area Sprinkler for storage and as a Control Mode Specific Application Sprinkler.
    • Extended coverage spacing with coverage area up to 196 ft2 per Sprinkler.
    • Can be installed directly on the piping for exposed pipe systems.

    JL112 & J112, K-11.2 Upright, Pendent & Recessed Pendent
    • Extended Coverage for both Light and Ordinary Hazard Occupancies for coverage areas from 144 ft2 to 400 ft2.
    • Quick Response for Light Hazard – 16’ x 16’ to 20’ x 20’ sprinkler spacing.
    • Quick Response for Ordinary Hazard – 12’ x 12’ to 14’ x 14’ sprinkler spacing.
    • Standard Response for Ordinary Hazard – 16’ x 16’ to 20’ x 20’ sprinkler spacing.
    • Available with Link or 3 mm Glass Bulb.

    DDX Deluge Valve
    • Designed for Deluge, Preaction (both Single and Double Interlock), and Low-Pressure Dry Systems.
    • Available in size of – 2”, 2-½”, 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” .
    • Pressure rating 250 psi rated.
    • Extremely lightweight and compact with both ends grooved.

    Stainless Steel DDX-SS Deluge Valve – 8”
    • Designed especially for corrosive equipments – mining operations, offshore drilling platforms, chemical facilities, brackish or sea water applications, and most foam products.
    • Stainless steel construction with O-ring seals to resist corrosion and leakage.
    • Easily trimmed for releasing by manual pull stations, wet pilot sprinklers, dry pilot sprinklers and electric solenoid valves.
    • Pressure rating 250psi rated.

  • Featured Products

       Portable Fire Monitor Flowrate    capacity=1,000 GPM @ 8 bar
       Features = Automatic Sweep,
       sweep rate adjustable

        DETCON Features :

    • - Model RXT-300 self healing mesh network topology
    • - Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non Licensed frequency
    • - Detcon Model 100 low power gas detection sensors
      Smart rechargeable battery packs with integral safety circuit
    • - Built-in charge gauge and low power voltage cutoff

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