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    • 02.02.2012

      Installation of HP Water Mist system at CCR Building 4 floors of Power Pant in Jakarta

    • 27.11.2010

      3S has participated in IGEX 2010 on Nov 3-5, 2010 at Jakarta International Expo (JIEX) introducing new hazard sensing technologies like wireless gas sensors, air heating type line heat detector, etc.  See you at Oil & Gas Indonesia 2011 !

    • 17.7.2010

      PT. IPMOMI is the largest power plant operator in East Java. 3S has just completed the installation of single-interlock pre-action deluge systems for Boiler Feed Pump Tur- bine Unit #7 & #8.


  • Water Monitors


    Stang’s main product is its large variety of  water monitors and related equipment, such as water nozzles and special hydrant manufacturing. Industry specific custom-engineered products are also available at competitive pricing with reasonable delivery times.

    Stang monitors employ a unique patented design  that balances the water pressure within the gun itself to degree that provides perfect one-man control, regardless of the volume of water being handled. Because of this “balance design”, the monitor – regardless of its size, volume or pressure – is easily moved both horizontally and vertically, putting less strain on drive components. Important too, the monitor tends to “stay” in the position it is being armed. Literally hundreds of horsepower of water pumping capacity can be handled by a touch of the finger.

    Product ranges :

    > Station Monitors  (size 1-½”, 2-½”, 3”, 4”  and 6”)
    > Deck Monitors      (size 2-½” and 3”)
    > Snorkel Monitors (size 1-½”, 2-½” and 3”)
    > DC-Remotely Controlled Monitors (size 1-½” and 2-½”)
    > AC-Remotely Controlled Monitors (size 3”, 4” and 6”)
    > Hydraulic-Remotely Controlled Monitors (size 3”, 4” and 6”)

    Hydraulic-motor driven Remotely Controlled Monitors
    Wireless-controlled Monitor
    Stand-pipe at Chevron
    Fifi Monitor

  • Featured Products

       Portable Fire Monitor Flowrate    capacity=1,000 GPM @ 8 bar
       Features = Automatic Sweep,
       sweep rate adjustable

        DETCON Features :

    • - Model RXT-300 self healing mesh network topology
    • - Universally accepted 2.4 GHz non Licensed frequency
    • - Detcon Model 100 low power gas detection sensors
      Smart rechargeable battery packs with integral safety circuit
    • - Built-in charge gauge and low power voltage cutoff

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